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The Warrior in You by Arka Mukhopadhyay

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Kalari for Everyone

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or an absolute beginner, come join our online sessions on Kalarippayattu, the world’s oldest martial art form, with Arka Mukhopadhyay and stay fit and active in body and mind.

Sessions will cover:

1) Basic steps and body conditioning exercises of southern (thekkan) style Kalaripayattu
2) Hatha yoga aasanaas as part of warm up and cool down
3) Breathing techniques
4) Meditation

1) Strength, flexibility and stamina – feel stronger and more energised!
2) Heightened mental focus and attention – feel more productive!
3) Calmness – be less affected by stress and anxiety during these difficult times.

You do not need any previous training – the session is open to all levels of fitness experience. If you can walk, then you can join this!

Come, discover the warrior in you!

1 session 1250
Paid in advance for all 8 sessions, 8000

Two sessions a week
It’s a 8 day programme !

Duration – 60 minutes a day
Type – Personal

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