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Better human, Better Actor by Anoop

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Human beings experience the world through emotions more than intellect. Almost all experiences of life create an emotion in us. Rasaa theory coming from ancient India, which outlines the Navarasaas – the nine principal emotions. What is special about Rasaa theory is that it recognises the mind-body connection in our emotions, that they are not just in the mind, but intimately connected with body and breath. This online workshop, based on the Navarasaas which is main for an Actor to emote the emotions in them.

At the end of the session participants will be able to:

1. Understand how emotions work when they read the lines.
2. They would be ready to face any kind of scenes which an director demands.
3. They will get to know themselves better when they explore this.

– Currently in National School of Drama
– Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu
(Open for consultation calls)

Duration: 60 Minutes
Type: Group

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