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Coffee Painting
Learn Coffee Painting by Sheena Anam
Learn the history behind coffee painting and a deep study on coffee beans and powders. Students will learn to create a monochromatic cityscape painting. It is a beginner friendly workshop. This workshop is open to anyone above 8 years. Materials required are as follows : Bru instant coffee 1 pack ,Pallete , Brush ,Paper a4 size , Spoon ,Tissues , Tape (optional) Duration: 90 Minutes Type: Group

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Coffee painting sessions by Reewena John
Coffee painting is a soothing and delightful art to express your creativity on paper/canvas. It is monochrome form of art with tones and shades of brown. Discover the use of coffee in art by painting with different tones and shades of brown to create monochromatic art work and to learn abstract method of rendering. Duration: 60 Minutes Type: Group

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