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Learn Music Production by Michael Timothy
Teaching music production, the basics, to programming instruments, writing for instruments, mixing and mastering Duration: 30 Minutes Type: Personal

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How to Blow Perfect Flute by Aditya Vashi
Flute is one of the toughest instrument in the world! In which you need to focus on your blowing and fingers both! And i will start from very basic step. You need to have passion and patience both to learn this instrument. Duration: 90 Minutes Type: Group

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Tabla fusionist by Gurcharan singh
Hi there, I am Gurcharan singh Nikku from Gurgaon,Haryana. I am a Tabla Fusionist, making fusions on all genres of music . I am friendly and like to collaborate with other musicians as well. My name on Instagram and other social sites is _thetabladude. Duration: 30 Minutes Type: Group

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Learn, Love and Live Guitar by Theophilus Benjamin
My sessions will demystify the guitar, building awareness of the technique of the instrument, give you ways to develop your skills on it and develop your musicality with it. Students can also opt to learn to achieve grade certifications from UK based music examination boards Trinity College London/Abrsm/Rockschool which are quite popular. 27 years of playing and 17 years of teaching experience Hindi and English Good with all ages (Open for consultation calls on weekends) Duration: 6...

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Learn Western Vocals with Kabuki Khanna
Learn Western vocals with Indian Opera vocalist ,kabuki Khanna. Would be teaching to sing from Diaphragm, use of muscles , right breathing exercises , to develop the voice,vocal exercises to develop voice and range. Both western classical and contemporary exercises to develop voice. Application of the same while singing any song. Duration: 45 Minutes Type: Group

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From the basics - Classical and Light by Prachi Jaisinghani
Hindustani classical and light music sessions comprising of the following- • Assessment of the vocal abilities of the attendee. • Basics like alankaar and janti swaras • Learning some bhajan compositions • Description of various terms essential to classical music like sur, taal, raag, shruti • Introduction to raags- des, bhup, yaman, khamaj etc (in the advance sessions) Teacher Qualifications: Cleared government exams under Gandhav Mahavidyalaya and Karnataka Board Durati...

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Vocal Teaching session Hindustani by Meghna Joshi
The session is about learning how to sing effortlessly with correct technique; how to bring out emotions through expressions while singing. Genres - Hindustani Classical, Semi-Classical, Bollywood Music, Ghazals, Devotional Music, Sufi and Folk Music are taught in these sessions. the session in includes: • Vocal Warm-up Excercises • Breathing Exercises and Pitching Techniques • Paltas with Voice Culture Materials Required: • A notepad and a pen • Tanpura App, Harmonium or Ke...

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TABLA - HEAR IT..PLAY IT..LIVE IT by Kedarnath Havaldar
Kedarnath Havaldar is a Tabla Player with over 20 years of experience in the field. His Tabla learning introductory session will cover the following, 1. Hand positioning 2. Drum placement 3. sitting posture 4. Basic syllables of the Tabla language. Advanced composition sessions can also be booked post introductory consultation session. P.S - The instrument is mandatory. Duration - 45 minutes Type - Personal

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Teaching sessions on carnatic music by Krithika S
Class will cover : 1. Basics of carnatic music for practice 2. Kritis taught on any particular raga of choice 3. On how to develop ragalapana and manodharma swaras (advanced) Duration: 60 Minutes Type: Group

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Indian Classical Music & Sarangi Session by Nabeel Khan
Appreciation is the first step in Conservation. To conserve our Indian Classical Music, Nabeel Khan would like to invite you all to join the live session during which origin, evolution and importance of Sarangi will be explained. The session will also cover with Ragas, Handwork of the Instrument and much more . If you are a music lover and wish to know more about classical music save the date and book now! Watch the video to know more about Nabeel and his mission to keep the art of Sarangi alive...

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