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Boxing and self defense by Tuhin Aditya
Self defense is key in today's world and boxing is very effective so if you want to improve on ur reflexes and protect yourself Time into my sessions and learn it all. Duration: 30 Minutes Type: Personal

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My sessions will help you make use of the basic materials to make your sketches look wonderful .I will too provide simple tips and tricks for making your work look great . We won't spend much on the stationery items . Duration: 60 Minutes Type: Personal

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Breaking classes with Bboy Shawn
The session is all about having fun, i teach choreography as well and individual moves like Power moves, Freezes and Footwork, also i like to teach workouts which helps you build strength, core and also understanding your body better, So it not only helps you in dancing but in your day to day life. Type : Personal Duration: 90 minutes

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Vic "Keys" Zone by Vikas Hariharan
This is Vikas here. I'm a musician. My session will be totally for the audience. If you want to learn something, then you can learn something. If you want to learn a specific song, then you got it. Your request is my will. So let's get along and we shall learn and have fun together. Duration: 60 Minutes Type: Group

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Leadership Presence Coaching by Arka Mukhopadhyay
Develop a clear and comprehensible understanding of what leadership presence is. Understand what the components of leadership presence are. Be supported in deciding upon three areas of leadership presence that you would like to work on. Receive a framework, and an implementable set of tools to work on any one of those areas. 3 lucky winners get a free personalized session each. Results will be announced on 15th May 2020. T&C apply* Duration - 90 minutes Type - Personal

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Boxing Fitness session by Aditya verma
1.Boxing fitness session a)warm up Training sessions will start with a warm up. This should be around ten minutes long. When complete we should just be starting to sweat and feel warm and ready to exercise more strenuously. b)Rounds of shadow boxing and basics- Shadow boxing is used mainly to develop and practice you general boxing technique. c)Exercise to build muscle. Duration: 30 Minutes Type: Personal

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Ten Different Types of flowers (watercolor) by Sahiba Bohra
This session is about learning to paint ten major types of flowers using watercolor as medium. These are, 1. Three Petal Flowers 2. Four Petal Flowers 3. Five Petal Flowers 4. Tulips 5. Coneflowers 6. Lavender 7. Poppies 8. Roses 9. Anemones 10. Peonies This session will very useful for the learners to create an understanding of brush strocks while watercoloring. Duration: 60 Minutes Type: Group

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Street fit with Bboying shawn
I will be working on growing my students physically. Would be teaching powermoves every session. At the ending we will have workouts to help you get strong and know your body better. 8 Classes over a span of Month Single Session Duration : 60-90 Minutes Type: Group

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A blissful session of taals by Aravind t k
The session will be a live performance on various taals in tabla.. ie Teental ,Gaptaal, Dhathira ,Roopak Taal . First will begin with the basic of tabla ie Teental and then so on. Duration: 30 Minutes Type: Group

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Test Product :- Do not buy this.

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Quarantine Home workout (No dumbbells required) by Anshu Kumar
Hi..I will be training you for(Home workout no weights,HIIT,Strength training, basic calisthenics,Hypertrophy training,Basic and advance abs workout,fat loss training,endurance training).It totally depends on you in which category you want to get trained. I have been working on my self for more than 5 years. I will help you to achieve your desired results preventing injuries at the same time. I can train you in -HIIT -Fat loss -Lean muscle building -basic and advance core workout -Stami...

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Zentangling and basket making by Jyoti Aggarwal
Zentangling: 1. Intro about artform 2. Art Supplies 3. Designing one A4 size design 4. Monetising your work 5. Pro tips Basket making : 1. Material needed 2. Basket making and decoration 3. Monetising your work 4. Pro tips Duration: 60 Minutes Type: Personal

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Vinayak Patil
Meet Vinayak Patil on a video call. About Vinayak Patil Vinayak Patil is a fitness model and CEO at Mutant Breed, India.

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Tabla fusionist by Gurcharan singh
Hi there, I am Gurcharan singh Nikku from Gurgaon,Haryana. I am a Tabla Fusionist, making fusions on all genres of music . I am friendly and like to collaborate with other musicians as well. My name on Instagram and other social sites is _thetabladude. Duration: 30 Minutes Type: Group

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Yoga for a better you by Ruchi Singh
We will be practicing classical Hatha Yoga in our sessions. There will be a mix of Power yoga, stretching, special Asana practice for back,hip opening,core strength etc. Pranayamas will be practiced as well. We will have one meditation class every week or as per requirement. Duration: 60 Minutes Type: Personal

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Step by Step Painting Landscapes- For beginners by Arundhati Menon
Session 1: Creating a landscape painting with watercolors or acrylic paints. Session 2: Creating still life with watercolors or acrylic paints. Simple paintings that you can do within an hour will be focused on. Duration: 60 Minutes Type: Group

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Rohit Singh Rajput
Meet Rohit Singh Rajput on a video call. About Rohit Singh Rajput Rohit Singh Rajput is a fashion designer, stylist, runway choreographer. He was also a contestant in Ace of Space 2019.

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All Musical Styles at One Place by Abhinay Srivastava
My session shall be covering a wide range of musical genres . I'd perform Western, Classical, Semi classical, Gazals, Bollywood numbers and many more. My sessions would turn out to be really informative and I'll also conduct a question answer session in which I'd explain the detailings of Indian classical system and also about various instruments like guitar harmonium keyboard etc. Duration: 60 Minutes Type: Group

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The Warrior in You by Arka Mukhopadhyay
Kalari for Everyone Whether you're a fitness fanatic or an absolute beginner, come join our online sessions on Kalarippayattu, the world's oldest martial art form, with Arka Mukhopadhyay and stay fit and active in body and mind. Sessions will cover: 1) Basic steps and body conditioning exercises of southern (thekkan) style Kalaripayattu 2) Hatha yoga aasanaas as part of warm up and cool down 3) Breathing techniques 4) Meditation Benefits: 1) Strength, flexibility and stamina - fe...

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Styling Tips for women at Work by Tanvi Mehta
A styling session on how to revamp and reuse your existing wardrobe and tips to ace that everyday wearable style. - How to build a capsule wardrobe with basic pieces - How to restyle your existing clothes - How to look well put together always When: Sunday 17th May, 6-7 PM Type : Group

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