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Gaurav Sharma
Meet Gaurav Sharma on a video call. About Gaurav Sharma Gaurav Sharma is an Indian author and novelist. Best known for his best-selling novel, God of the sullied.

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Salil Ankola
Meet Salil Ankola on a video call. About Salil Ankola Salil Ankola is an Indian actor and former international cricketer. Salil has played one Test match and twenty One Day Internationals from 1989 to 1997 for India.

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RJ Nimi
Meet RJ Nimi  live on a video call. About RJ Nimi Nimi is a RJ (Radio Jockey) on Radio Mirchi 98.3MHz. She is also a TEDx Speaker , Influencer, Content Creator and Marathi Voice Over Artist. Call Duration: 5 Minutes

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Jinal Joshi
Meet Jinal Joshi on a video call. About Jinal Joshi Jinal Joshi is an Indian actor. She is trained in acting at the Anupam Kher Academy. She is a social media influencer. She was also seen in women day special short film, MUTUALLY.

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Chandana Gowda
Meet Chandana Gowda live on a video call. About Chandana Gowda Chandana Gowda is an Indian model and Actress, who works in Kannada and Tamil television industry. She has appeared in Tamil Reality Show Soppana Sundari in 2018 and television show Halli Hyda Pyateg Banda Season 2. She is Title Winner of HHPB Season 2 & Miss Grand Sea World 2019. Call Duration: 5 Minutes

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Amit Gurjar
Meet Amit Gurjar on a video call. About Amit Gurjar Amit Gurjar is a famous Indian social media influencer and a TikTok star.

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Anukreethy Vas
Meet Anukreethy Vas live on a video call. About Anukreethy Vas Anukreethy Vas is an Indian model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Femina Miss India 2018. She represented India at the 68th edition of Miss World pageant held in Sanya, China on 8 December 2018 where she ended up placing in the Top 30.

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Akshay Davda
Meet Akshay Davda on a video call. About Akshay Davda Akshay Davda is a famous Indian food blogger and product reviewer.

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Ketki Chadha
Meet Ketki Chadha live on a video call. About Ketki Chadha Ketki Chadha is an Fashion, beauty, health & lifestyle influencer. Call Duration: 5 Minutes

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Sana Sultan Khan
Meet Sana Sultan Khan on a video call. About Sana Sultan Khan Sana Sultan Khan is an Indian actress and model. She is an influencer who rose to fame from her TikTok and Instagram posts. She is known for her performances in An Everlasting Love, Mohabbataan and Tum Humsafar.

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Kristine Zedek
Meet Kristine Zedek live on a video call. About Kristine Zedek Kristine Zedek is a versatile Actor who has portrayed diverse roles in her various performances. She is a multifaceted media professional with a bouquet of work to her credit, which includes TV ads, Films, Short Films & Music videos. She is an Anchor/ Compere for Events and also a Voice Over Artiste. She made her debut with the super blockbuster cult hit film "Chennai 600028". Her short film "Mehrooni" was screened in Mum...

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Afsha Jubin Shah
Meet Afsha Jubin Shah on a video call. About Afsha Jubin Shah Afsha Jubin Shah is an Indian TikTok Star, Instagram model and social media influencer. Ex-Air Hostess, she had over a million followers on TikTok.

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Vandana Vadehra
Meet Vandana Vadehra live on a video call. About Vandana Vadehra Vandana Vadehra is a singer, a performer, a motivational speaker, an award-winning emcee, a Model, a quintessential RJ and a style diva. She has shared the stage with international stars like John Travolta, Jennifer Lopez and Indian actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. She has conducted many events including the Goa IFFI 2013. Call Duration: 5 Minutes

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Rahul Jagtap
Meet Rahul Jagtap on a video call. About Rahul Jagtap Rahul Jagtap is an Indian social media celebrity. He is one of the most popular Indian Tiktoker with over 1.6 M followers. At the age of 40+ he is a fitness icon. 

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Meet Kashish on a video call. About Kashish Kashish is an Indian RJ. She performed on MY FM. She also has a youtube channel SayCheese where she posts comedy videos. Call Duration: 5 Minutes

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Dhwani Mittal
Meet Dhwani Mittal on a video call. About Dhwani Mittal Dhwani Mittal is an Indian anchor and showbiz professional. As TV presenter, she has worked with most of the IPL teams. She is famous for hosting Maruti Colors of Youth which aired on CNBC. She has performed over 1.5k shows in over 30 countries. Her shows include those of Multi National companies like Ferrari, Mercedes, Shell, Honda, VolksWagen, Emirates,Samsung, Sony,Videocon, LG and Phillips. Call Duration: 5 Minutes

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Ahan Ibrahim
Meet Ahan Ibrahim on a video call. About Ahan Ibrahim Ahan Ibrahim is a social media influencer. His is a very popular tik tok star . Call Duration: 5 Minutes

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Nikita Verma
Meet Nikita Verma on a video call. About Nikita Verma Nikita Verma is an Indian Influencer. She has a great knowledge of Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle which makes her an ideal influencer.

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Krishna Krrish
Meet Krishna Krrish on a video call. About Krishna Krrish Krishna Krrish is an Indian influencer. His ideas on fashion are looked upon by the youth.

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Saif Rayeen
Meet Saif Rayeen on a video call. About Saif Rayeen Saif Rayeen is an Indian blogger. He is a popular fashion influencer and fitness model.

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