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How Much Video Editing Is Too Much

May 26, 2020

Videos always need basic editing to provide a better picture of the conveyed message. But, it should be done in a limit, which does not steal the focus from the message in the video and looks real, or else, the audience won’t be able to relate. One must remember that video editing is for enhancing the video, and not making the incorrect content correct.


Videos have become a massive part of our daily lives and have provided us with a medium to connect to our favourite celebrities and know what’s happening with them. Not only the celebrities we love, but also, the upcoming talent needs exposure, and thus, videos are greatly helpful in this context.

Too many edits lose focus:

The most important thing to remember about video editing is that it uplifts the video and fixes the minor issues in it. The footage gets enhanced with the addition of music, lighting and other factors, and the message from your celebrity/ talented artist providing a tutorial or simply connecting with you reaches clearly. 

But, it doesn’t mean that one should be dependent on the editing to raise an impact on the audience. Dependency on the editing part will affect the video creation, and you may lose focus from the content in the video. Some of the examples of such edits include: 

  • Unnecessary transitions-

Usually, videos have transitions that display the journey of the character and the change in the present situation. For this, editing is helpful. If the effects are too much, they will distract the audience from the story.

  • Too much music that superimposes on the video-

Background music does wonders and enhances the message of the video. Music helps in developing a mood for the audience and keeps them glued to it. On the contrary, too much music while editing would distract the audience from the goal of the video and eventually they will lose interest in it.

  • Avoid  excessive editing of the background –

Like we said earlier, video editing enhances the video, but it shouldn’t display something which is not natural. Sometimes, while doing outdoor shoots, the lighting is improper, which gets corrected during editing. But, while making such changes, the colour correction and colours should look natural. If they look artificial, the audience will notice it, and it will look fake. 

Focus on the audience and make edits accordingly:

The centre of every video by an artist is always the audience. How the storytelling is done stays in the people’s mind, and it’s the reason a video should ever be created and edited from their point of view. 

The call-to-action has to be clear and subtle in the video. Too many edits in the video while delivering the call-to-action makes it too obvious and disturbs the viewers. This part should be achieved with fewer edits; else it will raise confusion in your audience’s mind.

For example, while creating tutorials and following a step-by-step process, you may make some errors and be unable to achieve the correct result. This is very common and natural. At such times, instead of covering up those mistakes every single time, you can mention it or even tell it to your audience about the trials and show it. It will help you engage in a better way and look natural.

In conclusion: 

Looking back on the situations mentioned above, it can be inferred that when video editing is done too much to display the creative value of the video, it does not help in achieving the desired result. Instead, it should be used as a helping tool to make minor changes and enhance the video.


  1. Video editing would cover-up if there are any mistakes made during the tutorial/ shoot? Does this statement stand true?

Answer: No, video editing is useful for enhancements, not for covering up the errors made.

  1. I need to be correct in every aspect while shooting the video; there shouldn’t be any errors, whatsoever. Is this okay or not?

Answer: People are bound to make some errors. These errors can be shown to the audience and let them know that it is okay to be imperfect.

  1. My video would look interesting if I insert many effects and transitions that would increase my audience’s engagement. Is it correct or incorrect?

Answer: The exact opposite may happen. Due to the effects, the audience may get distracted from the video’s message.

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